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What we are professional for

At Inspiration, We conduct every details from master of design , ergonomics ,health of human ,Scientific manufacture and valuable service ,Professional for high-end, luxury ,unique and elegant range.


We have the equipment for cutting tubes .it works 24days per day.excatly cutting with computer ,and it is the good beiginning for the next welding .45degee edge or other heteromorphism,it will be more effective than hand ,or cooperate with other suppliers.


we have professional instructure drawing team ,so firstly we should consider if some welding corner should be there ,and some of them no need ,

And avoid the welding point to be the finishes .and also we weld the standard Tubes or panels with computers.

Mirror polish is our standard ,there is no smog on the steel ,and there is no Bump on the finishes ,it can be clear pictured with our face. And for the corner polish,we can deal with it very clearly and perfect .we have many finishes options .

Like shiny and brushed .brushing is very slim and orderly .


We check every piece with carefully before send to the painting .it must be even dry ,wihout scraches ,no rust after painting .

And our team will be double pack and unpack it before into box .

There is one time package happens after taking out from the oven ,it would be wrap with beige fabric ,and move it to our package workshop .our work will take all the begie fabric out ,wear it with new clothes .white thicker fabrics .plywood conner protecting board ,PE foam ,KMk 5 layers cartons .


For stainless steel .we made the craftmanship with chrome on the finishes to be different color .ico oven with different electrical temperature ,and the Physical reaction will be different colors. Gold .rose gold .

Colorful ,black .cooper and so on . our gold color is very natural and luxury .and stable .

Because the work shop for chorome is very big .so the furniture can put in big Interval ,it will not be scrached .


for marble ,ther is one point for challenge .

One is the size ,when the marble inside into the frame ,the dimension should be exactly right .

1mm difference will not be avaible .if bigger than 1mm ,the marble will not fit in ,if small than 1mm ,there will be gap .but for us ,it is no problem ,because we buyed the water knife machine ,it cut the marble with sand and mastered by computer .so the size has no difference .



We have 15 people for package team .

They are for wiping ,brush ,Iron and clean very carefully before package .

And for the marble package ,we shoud test it if broke when throw from 1m height . KMK with 5layers and 150 lb at least for cartons.1-2mm foam for marble above and bottom ,stable Eucalyptus wood frame for package .


Some factories can make very cheap upholstery .but looks same .

The difference is the fabric quality and the works .

What moka make the farbic is 320g/m denstry for the fabric .

So it will be can used for commercial and durable .

And our unique skill is that we sewing the foam together with the fabrics .so the shape look will be very perfectly .thats why the price of the normal ottoman is high cost than other suppliers .it is really different .

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